Enjoy BALI FISHING TOUR Spot Bali Nusa Penida Visit Nusa Lembongan Island.

BALI FISHING TOUR Provide Boat Charter – Bottom Fishing – Coral Fishing – Trolling Fishing ! Hi… Guys we love to introduce Our packages for fishing in Bali. If you have hobby fishing you will Enjoy the trips and ocean tour. Bali Fishing tour with Spot fishing Nusa Penida area Also Visit Nusa Lembongan Island village. Do not forget to enjoy free snorkeling at nusa ceningan bay with our tour program.

At Nusa ceningan island there are place for best to do snorkeling to enjoy how beauty of natural ocean in Bali under the water.

Our private fishing boat charter can bring you to the best place fishing spot in Bali Nusa penida.

All equipment we already prepare for you ( include ), our boat and captain always ready to help your trips fishing in Bali. All will Include Transport pick up and lunch for free with our deluxe packages.

Get Some boat available for you ! for your tour holiday in Bali for special packages fishing.

Bali Fishing Tour Best Price

Bali fishing Tour

Nusa penida – nusa lembongan

The top 10 Bali Fishing Charters Boat and Tours TripAdvisor, Fishing in Bali : bottom fishing, Trolling fishing and Coral Fishing with Charter Boats.

Fishing Boat Charter Bali with Kss Bali Tour Bali Sea Fishing recommended in Bali Nusa dua and Sanur. Bali professional Fishing at Nusa dua – Nusa ceningan – Nusa penida and Nusa lembongan.

Get Best fishing Tour Charters in Bali Enjoy and get fight with big fish at spot nusa penida ocean.

Here how it work ! Our boat is private or charter so when you take our packages fishing will not mix with other customer it is private boat packages.

Here the Bali fishing Boat Charter tour facility :

  1. Free pickup and transfer.
  2. Free snorkeling at nusa ceningan.
  3. Free lunch.
  4. Free soft drink ( mineral water on board )
  5. Barbecue available ( extra charge ) Nusa lembongan vilage.
  6. include all equipment ( fishing tools )
  7. Choices : Coral – Trolling – Jigging – popping.
  8. Duration 7 – 8 hour ( full day )
  9. Insurance Include.

Are you interesting to do fishing Trips in Bali Please : Want more cheapest Packages Let us know…

Contact us 085237758479 – 085333307489  we can discuss about the best price we can make.

We have 3 different prices with 3 diferent type of fishing methode for more information please call me or send me email.

Or send to our email Info@dikutabali.com

We also provide other then fishing package such as Car rental and other activities like rafting and other out bounce.

You want to rent a car in Bali with us we also have package Car rental for you with include driver. We will bring you to the best place and hidden in Bali.

How it work Bali Fishing Trips and Tour Packages ?

Free pick you up at your hotel between 6 am to 9 am ( depend what time you want to do so ) our free transport will be ready at the time. We will take you to the location of the boat at tanjung benoa and will take you after finish back to your hotel.

We already prepare all equipment for your packages. So no need to worry about something you need to bring because we prepare all for you! just come and enjoy…

Insurance are include on the price for 4 people, the rest will be additional charge extra per person about 30$ only for insurance because the boat can take max 8 person for your groups.

Booking Package we recommended to you to order ahead for the fishing packages because we are open booking. First order first service ( order complete after down pay men ) min 50% from the price.

Cancellation fee 25% from the price if you cancel H -1 ( one day before at afternoon up ) will be charge cancellation fee. But if you cancel 2 day or ahead the following day will be no cancellation fee.

Bali fishing Package tour prices please contact us or email we will bring you to best spot fishing area in Bali. Keep in touch with us for something to do in Bali.

The fish you can catch such as :

Tuna, Leader Jacket, Jack, blue runner, Snapper, And other kind of fish.

If i take your trip fishing packages do you guaranty catch fish ?

This question regarding fishing trip always show up. Our answer are we guaranty you get fish but size of fish maybe not guaranty approximately.

How you can guaranty we can catch fish . Our deluxe trip program there are 3 type :

A. Trawling fishing : This is will get more big fish if you lucky. The opportunity to get big size of fish much more. Take a look what is Trolling fishing trip. Please watch it.

Bali fishing tour With Trolling Fishing Bali

Best Trolling fishing in Bali

Trawling fishing trips the boat moving slowly with the tool fishing stay on holder on boats and when the bite hit by fish the you start to pull it till the fish stay on board.

B. Coral Fishing Trips in Bali. This fishing on coral area normally many fish you can catch it on this type of fishing. Here you can watch it the Coral Fishing trip.

Coral Fishing Tour Bali

Coral Fishing trips Packages

C. Jigging Fishing trips. Watch it here Jigging fishing trips. deep sea water fishing with skill and Technic playing the tool fishing.

Bottom Fishing with jigging style fishing

Bottom Fishing with jigging style fishing

There are many place and location to do fishing in Bali, But this one is the best our recommended for you to enjoy your time in Bali to do fishing tour. Well… you can do your fishing trip also you can enjoy the beauty of bali at nusa lembongan vilage.


We also have short fishing just 4 our at closed location at nusa dua area, with trawling fishing type. But our regular fishing for all type including will take duration all together about 7 – 8 hour ( full day ).

Well… Let enjoy Bali Fishing Tour with our Packages Bali fishing Boat Charter tour deep sea fishing trips in Bali. Get Our best deals when your booking now ! Thank You.

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