Bali sea-walker Nusa Penida. Go get tour experience at Nusa Penida with Bali seawalker. Bali sewalker at Nusa Penida you will enjoy it. Here grab our best price. To enjoy water sport in Bali is easy. You can get every where at Tanjung Benoa with cheap prices. About 30 minute from the airport ngurah rai denpasar.

But our best deals this year for you is seawalker Nusa Penida. It is different place when you want play this game. Why this sea walker is better. We will explain to you here. Or maybe you want to know other same packages tour Nusa Lembongan.

Bali Seawalker Tour Experience Nusa Penida

Seawalker Experience Bali Packages Cheap

Now… When you have plant to Bali most people may know this island. This place not Gili Trawangan or Gili Meno this place part of small Island Bali separate by ocean. To get there you need a boat to carry you about 30 minute to the island. Take a look our packages price below and what is include it.

Promo Packages Sea Walker Nusa Penida

* Hotel trans.
* Boat Trans.
* Welcome Drink & Snack.
* Lunch.
* Mineral water.
* Sea Walker.
* Donut Boat.
* Banana Boat.
* Tour 3 Village ( Anggel Bilabong – Kelingking beach – Broken Beach).
* Insurance.

Why This Recommended By Bali Sea-walker.

This place you can visit any time. If you want a come just to visit will cost you a lot of money. By this packages sea walker Nusa Penida you get everything you want and cheap. Take a look again what is including in. Spend $120 you already enjoy everything you need at Penida.

You get water sport activities where the location at Nusa Penida also include sea walker and tour. You will get best sensation in Bali with this program so don’t miss this program when you come visit Bali this time.