7 Best Bali Water-Sports Activities Tanjung Benoa Bali Promo | Sea Walker, Fly Board.

7 Best Bali Water-Sports Activities Tanjung Benoa Promo. For some reason this article show up. because of many guest who visiting Bali love the water sports activities. There are almost every where they come and visit at the beach in Bali. you will find water activities minim you will see Surf, Waters-ports such as sea walker, Diving, Parasailing, horsing and other with cheap prices. at least you will see Surfing place. in the mean time you visiting tourism place. one day you may want to try water sport activities Bali other then regular tour. Bali is fantastic to visit and never enough to not come back again for another vacation.

7 Best Bali Water Sports Activities Tanjung Benoa Promo

Well… what is all about, this matter of promo water sport activities. For sure when you love beaches and ocean Bali. it is the place need to visit. a specially if you love water sport activities. What water sports activities available is? It will not enough to explain everything here! About water-sport regardless in one page article. But this written article hope can guide you. To start one place to another place. We will explain to you best of best, and popular in this place, to enjoy water sport and make it happen. I try to mixed up everything here become one complete information. That really important info for you need it, it just only one place !

How Much Best Price Water Sport in Bali you can Get ?

Price Water sport in Bali ! When you visiting Bali and love to do activities for water sport. One of them below and for sure you want best deals, regarding price list so we will give you best pricing for this activities in Bali ! you may know when we visit to the place. that we never visit before or you visit for the first time. and more likely they are give you high price! because they try to get benefit more from people who come the first time. in the every where tourism place. But if you get best guide to take you. or assist you maybe the case will different, and mostly you will get best experience and good deal about the price !

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Bali Water Sports Price promo

Also before we forgot to info you ! That when you flight to Bali to do your vacation. We suggest you to have or book a car, for you transport, include driver guide so you done for first step. Also Hotel and flight ticket, for sure this you are deals already a head. just in case you need Car for rent we also available with the best offer for you !

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7 Best Water Sports Activities at Tanjung Benoa Promo

Lets we start from Tanjung Benoa activities. What you can find there! For water sport activities in Bali. All this activities very easy to find it, or book when you got your feet landing in Bali. Also now you can search on internet for activities you interested. May you need to order online. More easy to plant all you holiday itinerary, to escape all wasting time during your vacation, specially in Bali. Because ! Many things you can do ! Here in small island of paradise Bali. They have a lot things to do even also spiritual journey !

Ok let we start know with this water sport activities in Bali. You may interested to play one of them !

1. Diving / Scuba Diving.

Bali Scuba Diving 7 Best Of Best Bali Water Sports Activities Tanjung Benoa

Try Water Sports Diving

Why Not to try this ? Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be able to breathe underwater? and try diving. We have regular diving for beginner at tanjung benoa. If you want to find out, With Full Certification course. We have also program for professional diving. We will bring you to the great place in Bali. Option Nusa lembongan, Nusa penida , Tulamben, Padang Bay. Why not Try Diving it while you’re in Bali on vacation? Option price we are open !

There are nothing to be scare. Try Scuba in Bali, We have best guide for your dive. while you train how to use the right Scuba equipment. They will make you quick and easy introduction what should you do underwater.

Well… f you Little scare to do A big deep Water, you began your fun to take Scuba diving at Tanjung Benoa nusa dua. One you try how nice it . Best view under the water. Would you may don’t want to stop ! Lets talk when you ready !

2. Sea Walking / Sea Walker.

Bali Sea Walking Sea Walker 7 Best Of Best Bali Water Sports Activities Tanjung Benoa

Sea Walker it is easy to find it in bali nusa dua ! At tanjung Benoa. All the water sport provider, over you this game! You can get best price with us. Get free transport for it. When you stay at hotel nusa dua area, Kuta , Jimbaran !

Location of this water sports. Very close from kuta area, nusa dua area, sanur area. You can do even you stay in ubud. After you enjoy water sports. You can continue visit all tourism place at south of Bali tourism. If you have driver or guide so you don’t need to worry to this place. For sure they will show you all best place at south of Bali and other area !

Not Much to explain ! Because our pictures can tell you everything then thousand words! By the way Sea walker It much more easier then snorkeling. You just walk as same as visiting Mall … hehehe . But this one on the water view.

3. Snorkeling.

Bali Snorkeling Cristal Bay 7 Best Of Best Bali Water Sports Activities Tanjung Benoa

For guest from Over sea we have not to much problem. Doing Snorkeling because most of them have swim experience. So snorkeling just to have fun normal thing. But what make all that difference in Bali. You may do this sport so many time in your country. We are offering best place such as option Nusa lembongan , Cristal Bay, Nusa penida, Manta point and secret place.

Snorkeling water sport are 2 type : regular snorkeling ( tis one at tanjung benoa nusa dua area ) and professional snorkeling what i mean by that what make all about difference only the place when you do snorkeling or this water sport activities because many place available you just need to decide which place you want to do snorkeling.

4. Rafting White River

Rafting white river Bali 7 Best Of Best Bali Water Sports Activities Tanjung Benoa

How about this water sport activities ! Are you interested to do so Rafting white river in Bali. Get wet and have fun with best view natural place at Telaga waja river or you want to see art by Ayung river rafting. Both of them has best one to each other ! Now your chooses we will bring you where ever you like !

It is many water sport game available in Bali you can get and you can play ! get fun in Bali to enjoy all activities water sport and you have no worry about the price all is good prices !

5. Fly Board / Fly-boarding / jetpacks

Jet Pack Water Bali 7 Best Of Best Bali Water Sports Activities Tanjung Benoa

Kind of new game and activities in Bali Fly-board you can play this activities in nusa dua area tanjung benoa by 15 minute duration for one ticket. It is easy to do this game evn 12 years old can do it very easy. Train less then 5 minute you can fly like a iron man !

You may see this alot on tv but maybe you never done this so here the time to enjoy water sport fly board at nusa dua. its look hard but actually is very easy you can not imagine how easy they are ! lets try guys…

6. Sports Surfing

Bali Surfing Spot 7 Best Of Best Bali Water Sports Activities Tanjung Benoa

You love Surfing ! You already know best place to do so… Ok I will tell you where is the pace you can do surfing of course will best ! you want not to far when you stay in Kuta ! just go to kuta beach enjoy and play or visit Dream land or padang padang uluwatu area also can do it at Pandawa beach.

How about little far from your place May you need to visit Saba Beach  for now and for best people go to Balian beach and soca beach ! or contact as we take you there… 🙂

do not worry about the tool for surf you can rent it everything here so you just come and enjoy at that place jump and fly !

7. Bali Fishing Trip and Tour

Bali Fishing tour and rental 7 Best Of Best Bali Water Sports Activities Tanjung Benoa

Bali fishing tour and rental ! water Spots fishing nusa penida – nusa lembongan – nusa dua – uluwatu. Option Boat with different price different hours for duration fishing tour hours. if you interested to do it let me know !

What fishing tour is all about !

We do different kind of Packages but for all this we will explains together !  if you need more info send me email or call for best deals Depending how many people you are !

  • Free transport
  • Free snack
  • Free Soft drink – Beer ( By request )
  • Some packages ( free Snorkeling )
  • Option : Trolling fishing – Coral Fishing – Jigging
  • Equipment and ext are included with the packages !

There are many choice for activities in Bali but on top what we explain is all about water sports even not all we can explains to you here. Still many things not to write yet but that information we guess is more then enough ! just in case you may want some thing else about water sport info lets we talk when you are in Bali !  because other activities still a lot beside water sport !

Available aslo : Waterboom Bali, Bali Waterpark,

Ok be ready go head and prepare you need before you date of vacation coming and don forget if you need some help don be hesitate to contact us by call or email we a available for all of you !

7 Best Water Sports Activities Tanjung Benoa Promo

That all for this Bali water sports activities for 7 best in Bali we can show you but there are many thing you can do for your choice. I hope this information good enough for you to start when you want to do this activities in Bali of course with good price ! bye bye and see you soon.



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